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August - September 2020

Autumn here we come! I love so much about autumn, the smells, the colors and wearing jumpers again! I can already taste the pumpkin spice lattes!

This blog is looking back at what happened in August and what is to come in September. August was a busy one, the studio is taking off now and I had a good amount of bookings, all of which were done safely in line with Covid-19 guidelines. I have so much fun during these photoshoots and designing your cake smash backgrounds! Something that was very exciting for me, was that I had my first frame bought, which looks stunning and I am now working out an official frames price list so I can order all your wall art! Wall art looks so beautiful and having it done for you saves you time hassle. The quality is also very high, and the frames are a timeless feature and a wonderful way to show off your beautiful photos of your family!

My cake smash sets are always individual, even if your color scheme is the same as previously used, I will always change a few things up so no two sets are the same. Here are some pictures I took in August of adorable lovely little clients! I have a set of both blue and pink letters that spell 'ONE' from Dewberry Boo, a beautiful shop downstairs!

During a family photoshoot, I had a little one who wasn't very happy, and I tried everything I could to make him smile! This gave me inspiration to hire an assistant... Say hello to Beaky the Puppet! Beaky came from The Moon and Back sensory toy shop downstairs from me, where you can find a wonderful selection of toys for children! He will come out to make your little ones smile and laugh, I have so far had a 100% success rate for smiles with the help of Beaky! He was named by a lovely client who wouldn't stop smiling after meeting him!

Along with this, plans for Halloween mini session continue. After a poll on my Instagram page took place (@withlove_milly), I decided to go for a pumpkin patch style look! Now, the back drop isn't a pumpkin patch but it includes lots of pumpkins and its very cute (spooking it up a bit with props!)! I also have Halloween balloons, sweets (vegan - which is suitable for Halal and GF included), and a very talented artist friend of mine is carving some amazing jack-o-lanterns with fake candles in to complete the look! I am dressing up as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas as its one of my favorite films! I invite mums, dads, carers, pets, and anyone who wants to get involved in the pictures with the little ones as well for this! The event is taking place from October 24th - November 1st and I just can't wait! I simply love Halloween so expect this set up to be very extra!

My last bit of news is that I also had my first ever newspaper publication! An article written about me in the Billericay Echo! I was interviewed by Poppie Webster. Its a lovely article about some of the struggles I have faced getting to this point in life. I didn't want the article to come across as a sob story, but I aimed to raise awareness for these difficulties, which can often be hard to diagnose.

That’s about it for this month’s blog! I hope you enjoyed reading!

With Love,


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