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August 2020

Hi Everyone, 

This is very new to me, I have never written or started a blog before so please bare with me while I get used to this! 

The last few months have been - challenging to say the least.  There have been highs and lows since opening With Love Milly Photography.  I opened the studio on the 1st March 2020, overwhelmed by happiness, I was prepared for the normal difficulties of opening a new business, however I did not foresee the difficulties faced ahead in regards to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Months without work created a lot of uncertainty about my dream, which I had just achieved, not working out which was very scary.  Fast forward to now, and I am so very excited to say that the studio is picking up well again.  We will get through this if we all work together on keeping each other safe!

Over the last few months I have not been idle, there has been many things going on behind the scenes - most importantly my dog Max approving the studio and becoming the 'Branch Manager'. He will be coming in on occasions where there isn't shoots going on so please feel free to pop by to meet him, he will demand belly rubs though I warn you! I have also had curtains installed (the taped up shower curtains were not the prettiest thing in the world), added a few prints to the walls and decorated. Those of you who came in in March had a very uncomfortable experience due to my lack of seating, but I now have a sofa and bucket chair for clients to sit on while they have their viewing or watch the kids have their photos done! There is also an exciting add on to birthday parties at Escape Beauty Rooms! Wether you are having a children or teens party you can now opt to have a mini photoshoot added onto the the end of your pamper party!


June, when I was allowed to reopen was fantastic and saw many exciting photoshoots, all handled with the greatest care to keep all involved safe (please see my facebook page for my Covid-19 safety precautions).  I had so much fun doing these photoshoots and putting the studio to great use.  

July was a bit more quiet, but brilliant, I had a lot of lovely things including my 25th Birthday which was very low key but no less fun!  I also had more photoshoots including one with Blogger Grace (@Ella_Grace_mcc_) and her wonderful family.  This was great fun and the photos came out brilliantly! She has also written a lovely review of the photoshoot:

which will hopefully help those of you thinking of coming in to make the decision! Plus there is a brilliant discount code that if you quote will give you 20% off of everything! 

August is full of exciting photoshoots and I am beginning to plan Halloween photo sessions which will be super spooky and as a huge fan of Halloween, I am sure it will be a bit over the top!

I love this studio and I am so blessed to have it! I really look forward to meeting you and taking photos of you and your family  

Thank you for taking the time to read this first blog! Please share it and give me any feed back!

With Love, 


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